25 Photographs with Rare Commentary by Michael Bitsoff


First and foremost, all images are my own. Second, let’s get to the facts. Whatever you may think of The Governator, he achieved massive success through hard work against all odds.


We will never see the likes of Robin Williams again. His death deprives our country of a true comedic genius and he is missed.

Blog Photo

Here is but one example of what the ideal girl should look like to me. Sorry ladies, but it;s true. Hotter than hot and cooler than cool.

Daryl Large

Daryl Hall is my idea of a man who has stayed away from drugs and refuses to fall into the trap of “owning up to his age” — the man looks perpetually 40 and remains a phenomenal musician who inspires me.

All is Lost Film1

This movie was brilliant. Had Steve McQueen lived, he would have been the only other actor aside from Bob Redford who could pull off the acting without very much dialogue, as we saw in the epic LeMans. What shocked me about this film was that it was never promoted and fell off the radar, when it should have earned an Academy Award for Redford. And I still have a hard time with his having retired.

Bacon Brothers

Kevin Bacon is a man who has his act together. He is my answer to the pundits who claim “You can’t have it all.” Oh, yeah? Actor/musician//husband and father. Yes you can!


Sorry again, ladies. But this friends of mine on the beach is the epitome of what every girl should strive to look like in a bikini.


The classy lady: Beautiful, intelligent, and talented beyond belief. That her death was pushed to the back of the newspaper pages on the same day Michael Jackson died is a travesty. I adored her.

Branson and Virgin America A320

Once in a while a person comes along with simple common sense about how companies should be run, what true customer service means and how people should be treated. Richard Branson’s companies are a shining example of Class personified. It’t embarrassing how lazy and stupid too many of us have allowed ourselves to become to the point of dumbing down and not mending our lousy culture.


I’m quite shocked at how this car–one of the most beautiful designs ever was never exposed to the makeover of the Jaguar and brought back looking like this, albeit with reliable components.

delorean book

Skeptics beware. I have studied the transcripts and time line of the endlessly debated cocaine trial where the United States federal government was embarrassed beyond belief. DeLorean was found innocent by a jury without having to place him on the witness stand. A bunch of bad actors fell apart on the stand under a grilling by Howard Weitzman, DeLorean’s attorney. It’s sad that the rest of his life was spent under a cloud of a stupid controversy. Let’s set the matter straight. Here was a man raised in a dysfunctional, abusive and poverty-ridden environment. He earned a scholarship and multiple college degrees as an engineer who solved the most vexing problems that confounded the men of Packard. He turned around Pontiac, then Chevrolet and as ready to take the helm Mary Barra holds today as head of GM. But he admitted to ego and excess in his decision making with regard to attempting to make a go of DeLorean as an independent–something Preston Tucker and many others were mowed down by the Big Three in their quest to build a better product. He had many pioneering patents — over 200 I believe — and was a genius who was sadly defined by a sham trial that he won. This was an innocent man who admitted to personal faults and still had some fun before he left us.


A common thread here is men and women who defy the odds and do it their way. Tom Jones may not have black hair anymore, nor is he this thin. But his voice is better than ever and his concerts kick ass. Age be damned. Listen to his YouTube video of Hoobastank’s “The Reason”.

VW Van3

I will never accept VW as a car maker of anything other than the Beetle and the favored Van of the 1960’s hippies.



In life, it is important to have a clear definition of what constitutes a certified imbecile and I just happen to have two examples to present. How these vile, white nationalists with not even a shred of human decency or competence to sweep up a Jiffy Lube Garage ended up making millions and hijacking the United States occurred is a rank obscenity. Donald Trump is an idiot who will be impeached, and when he does do try to remember that I told you so. If you’re not a psychologist, Trump is still easy t understand. Take a scared child who becomes a bully as an adult and has no idea how government works. I wonder if he has ever really read the U.S. Constitution. Scary kids, Scary.


Another idiot who makes me want to vomit. Enough said.


He is back!


There are certain federal judges who need a beating similar to the one Eastwood’s character delivers to the punks that attempt to terrorize a man and his family in this movie. “There’s nothing like a good old fashioned piece of hickory.” Rent the movie.

 WSS 2

Yes, I relate to Tony (Richard Beymer) in this scene from real life. I had just finished kissing a girl goodnight after a first date and was walking backward with my fingers pointed at her like the Tom Cruise character in “Jerry MaGuire” when I turned and nearly broke my sternum walking into a cast iron parking meter mounted in concrete. The scene looked very much like this one from “West Side Story” with the late and very beautiful Natalie Wood.


This is a damn hard photo and poster to find, but I have one. Ann Margret is still sexy and yes, she loves driving motorcycles.


It took Clint Eastwood a lot of class to risk his “Dirty Harry” persona to make this brilliant motion picture of heartbreak and reality.


Warner Brothers fought Steve McQueen for going way over budget and deliberately shooting the epic film “Bullitt” in San Francisco where studio executives couldn’t micro manage him. They cancelled his seven picture contract, but McQueen had teh last laugh when this film became a huge money maker that solidified his reputation as “The King of Cool” in 1968.


He found his voice and his way to three hour concerts for the past 30 years with a beautiful wife (Patti Scialfa) and an excellent book on his life. One of rock’s greatest legends has no plans to retire. My kind of style!


A band that suffered from being unrecognized and misunderstood, this reunion after more than 30 years revels how The Raspberries became a favorite band of Beatle John Lennon, Rick Springfield, and Jon Bon Jovi. Led by Eric Carmen, they had the songwriting talent of The Beatles with harmonies to challenge The Beach Boys. Their musicianship is top notch if not staggering. But the Cleveland, Ohio – based band imploded and toured only in limited run with this, one of three reunions in the new millennium.


Last Word: I wish that this were possible with American employers. It should be and again, I salute Richard Branson as a brilliant visionary with a heart.


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