Actor Alec Baldwin Pushes Beyond Trump


(Authors Collection)

Actor Alec Baldwin is enjoying international reviews for his comedic portrayal of President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live”.

His new book, “Nevertheless: A Memoir” includes Baldwin’s takes on actors he’s admired, his upbringing on Long Island, and yes first stormy marriage to actress Kim Basinger.

“The past is the past,” he told CBS News recently. “I’m truly going to bury my past with this book. I never want to talk about my past again.”

Regarding his comedic portrayals of en emotionally unhinged Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live”, Baldwin, who has earned the enmity of the president, but positive comments from the public considered retiring the character — a decision he has since reversed.

“I’d say that 60-75% of the people that I encounter treat me like I was Jonas Salk and I had cured polio,” Baldwin tells Braver. “They walk up to me and go, ‘My God, thank you! I can’t thank you enough, that what you’re doing is so important!”

Baldwin has had a wide-ranging career on the big screen and on television — a rarity today. He had the moxie in 1994 to re-create “The Getaway” — the Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw film of 1972 with a refreshed script in the lead of character “Doc” McCoy. The filming was a risk. “There are actions heroes, and then there’s McQueen”, said Baldwin noting that there had never been any actor who played roles from the standpoint of pure gut instinct. “It was all about integrity’ for McQueen.

For Baldwin, it’s a mix of roles from comedy to drama and from stage to television and the big screen. Controversial or note, Baldwin has the talent and no-nonsense approach to getting his character’s down and the job done.


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