Harrison Ford: A Genuine Hero


Photo: George Biard

One of my favorite actors, Harrison Ford described himself as a “schmuck” after he mistakenly landed his private plane on a taxiway at a John Wayne Airport in Orange County California airport last month.

In audio recordings released by the Federal Aviation Authority, Ford said he was distracted by two jets during the airport runway mishap on February 13th, which is human.

The veteran actor was flying a small plane that mistakenly landed on a taxiway of a Santa Ana airport, flying directly over a waiting American Airlines Boeing 737 commercial jet that had 116 people aboard, federal officials said.

“Yeah, hi, it’s Husky Eight-Niner Hotel Uniform (call sign) and the schmuck that landed on the taxiway,” Ford is heard saying on the FAA audio recording.

When the air traffic controller said it’s “no big deal,” Ford responded that “it’s a big deal for me.”

Ford, a very skilled pilot was awarded the prestigious Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy , one of aviation’s highest honors from the National Aeronautic Association. Over the past decade he has participated in helicopter rescues of missing children and stranded mountain climbers. This man is a genuine hero.


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