Corporation for Public Broadcasting is in Trump’s Cross Hairs … Again


Under President Donald Trump, National Public Radio and, indeed, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting  is in trouble  — again. Trump is calling to end all federal funding for public broadcasting and the PBS and NPR budget battle is beginning.

BigBird&Radar-2009Big Bird (PBS)

If Congress stands behind Trump’s proposal, it would cause “the collapse of the public media system itself and the end of this essential national service,” Corporation for Public Broadcasting CEO Patricia Harrison said in a statement on Thursday morning.

She pointed out that non-commercial stations offer educational shows for kids, historical documentaries, newscasts, and emergency alerts.


The federal government provides approximately $450 million to the corporation, known as CPB, each year, which then distributes grants to local TV and radio stations and producers of news and entertainment programming such a as “Nova”, “Morning Edition” and “Fresh Air”.

Many Republican politicians have been trying to strip all funding from the CPB since the 1970’s.

“PBS and our nearly 350 member stations, along with our viewers, continue to remind Congress of our strong support among Republican and Democratic voters, in rural and urban areas across every region of the country,” PBS president Paula Kerger said Thursday.

“We have always had support from both parties in Congress, and will again make clear what the public receives in return for federal funding for public broadcasting,” Kerger added.





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