Michael Bitsoff On Humidifiers


(Authors Collection)

No matter where you live, one of the few things you can do for your skin (not to mention your hardwood floors) during the winter months is to consider the role of a humidifier. When I was a kid, a relative owned one, and it whirred quietly in the background, emitting puffs of moist air.

Now that summer is approaching, it’s easier to look back at the winter months. For the majority of the country, the relative humidity inside your house can rise and fall significantly, leaving you with everything from dry skin to itchy eyes. But a good humidifier brings the humidity level up to 30 to 50-percent, which is optimal. Speaking of those hardwood floors (assuming you have them), keeping them from creaking and groaning is not difficult. A Crane Drop ultrasonic humidifier is the answer for under fifty bucks. Your other alternative is to take the cheaper route and place a bowl of water next to your radiator or heating duct and let the magic of evaporation do its work.


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