Michael Bitsoff On Where to Live


(Authors Photo)

Researchers at the University of British Columbia asked more than 4,600 participants if they would prefer a more expensive apartment with a shorter commute or a less expensive apartment with a long commute.

The question aims to get to the heart of what people value more: time or money.

New research that was collected over 18-months and published by the Society of Personality and Social Psychology circuit suggests valuing your time rather than pursuing money may be linked to greater happiness.

Thousands of people participated in six studies involving happiness, and researchers found that the group was evenly split between those who valued money or time.

“It appears that people have a stable preference for valuing their time over making more money, and prioritizing time, is associated with greater happiness,” said lead doctoral researcher Ashley Williams, a student in the Social Psychology Department at the University of British Columbia.

Older people, those who were retired or approaching retirement tended to say their time was more important than money, which was the reverse for younger participants.


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