Michael Bitsoff as a Yachtsman

Princess 68

© Graham Snook Photography
Moral Rights Asserted

(Photos: Stacey Lea)

Some time ago, a friend and her young son shared with me an unforgettable experience aboard a leased Princess Yacht 68.

Looking from the outside-in, the Bernard Olesinki exterior design — which reveals some markings of similarity to the unaided eye — the 68’s galley is positioned aft near oversize sliding doors to the cockpit area. The rear window is retractable with familiar ergonomics. The galley’s aft counter served my friend and her son well as a bar in the evening (with guests, including yours truly) and as an area for morning breakfast and Noon time lunch meals. This is a virtual home on the sea, with a summary calendar of plenty for outside table dining. There is also a second opposite the galley. I mention this because when inclement weather materializes, the doors can be closed to confine guests to the galley area only.


I was given a photo book that revealed snap shots of a pair of couches on each side with high level windows. The fiberglass construction was strong, utilizing modern day infusion technology that I didn’t completely grasp without further discussion. The use of larger windows was impressive. For guests (and I assume I will be one in the not too distant future), a surprise is in store when it comes to stairs leading from the main salon to the master suite below deck.


A full beam master that reminded me of 1960’s-era ranch homes with “picture windows” on each side, also featured a sofa, bureau and a hidden vanity.


Descending from the helm area, a VIP stateroom versus two additional cabins are amidships. Those of you who are green energy-minded will appreciate that electric-powered conversion is available to slide the starboard cabin bunks into a double, and each cabin shares a stall shower in the central lobby.


The Princess 68 my friend spent several days on also comes equipped with an entertainment system of five TV/DVD/Blu-ray sets and dockside TV/phones.


Standard power is amply — no pun intended — provided by a pair of 1.150 horsepower Caterpillar C18A’s, with an upgraded generator for American guests who enjoy simultaneous use of air conditioning and drink blenders on board. Time to cast off and depart!



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