Michael Bitsoff Looks at Coffee as a Healthy Brain Resource

coffee(Authors Collection)

According to scientists, as we age, our brains naturally shrink, and the risk of a stroke, dementia or Alzheimer’s invariably rises. A cup of coffee or two isn’t bad. In fact, nutritionists state that what merits coffee as healthy is the fact that it comes from – what else – the coffee bean plant.

Nevertheless, scientists also know that people who exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, avoid smoking and keep mentally stimulated generally have healthier brains than people who don’t. The latest study is taken from the scholarly journal, “Neurology”, reveals that the so-called Mediterranean Diet can make our brains approximately five years younger.

Researchers examined the brains of 674 people with an average age of 80. They asked these elderly people to fill out food court surveys about what they ate in the last year and researchers scanned their brains. The group that ate a Mediterranean diet had heavier brains with more gray and white matter.

The Mediterranean Diet involves eating meals made up mostly of plants: vegetables, fruit, beans and cereals. You can eat fish and poultry at least twice a week. You don’t have to keep away from carbs; in fact, you should have three servings of those a day, particularly of the whole grain variety.

A glass of wine a day is acceptable too. What participants must do is typically limit the amount of meat, dairy and saturated fats eaten and cook with olive oil, as opposed to butter.

This latest diet research states that this diet is the way to live longer and avoid risks for cancer and cardiovascular diseases.


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