Michael Bitsoff Toasts the Porsche 911

toulousaine_de_lautomobile_-_7425_-_porsche_911_carrera_2011Photo Courtesy of: Pierre-Selim Huard

The late actor Steve McQueen used a Porsche 911 in the opening of “LeMans”, today a cult film that would have truly exceeded McQueen’s  wildest expectations had he lived. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, well known for his love of Porsche’s has been thinning down his collection.Now comes a truly inspired devotee’.

Curator Dieter Landenberger has written a new book about the very unique and compelling sound of a Porsche automobile and the 911 is his favorite. He contends that true car aficionados can identify the sound of the iconic sports car from a distance.

“The typical soundtrack of a Porsche is a unique mix between the thrilling melody of the boxer engine, the crescendo of the valve trains, and the tempered trumpeting of the exhaust system”, he says. “The noise of a combustion engine is composed by the different sounds of the engine surface, the induction and exhaust system as well as the engine units like oil pumps. And all of this is influenced by the engine’s design, the number of cylinders, and the firing sequence. The noises play together like a big orchestra”, he adds.

I’ll second that thought.


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