A Paradise for Animal Lovers


Animal lovers and adventurous travelers alike will love knowing the following: Selous Game Reserve is bigger than Switzerland and has one of Africa’s largest elephant populations. One of the largest faunal reserves of the world, Selous is located in the south Tanzania. Moreover, it has more lions than any other game reserve, and one of the most diverse undisturbed ecosystems on the planet.

Unfortunately, in recent years Selous has seen a dramatic increase in poaching and other threats to the reserve’s environment. A typical example of animals of The Savannah include but are limited to: African Bush Elephants, Black Ehinos, Hippopotamus, East African Wild Dogs, Cheetahs and Crocodiles can be found in this park. This is a huge African game reserve.

Efforts are being made today to preserve the region’s unique resources to withstand future threats.


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