A Physical Fitness Choice


(Authors Photo)

As a long-time distance runner, I will tell you that there is a balance required of maniacal exercise and a life of repeated injuries and surgeries. A girlfriend of mine, 34, had danced from the age of six to thirteen, but was cautious about wrecking her body with the demands of dance. So, she focused next on field hockey and lacrosse before abandoning both for acting.

Next, she took a year off and immersed herself in yoga. But the running bug bit her again, and after several “test jogs” – her words not mine – she entered an obstacle race. Since this was foreign to me, I asked her what this sport entailed. The answer was jarring: scaling fifteen foot-high walls, dragging 50-pounds of weights through a forest trail, and as you might expect, orthopedic surgery.

An over-exerciser, she now paces herself with twice a week runs complimented with swimming on off days. It has meant choosing between surgeries and premature aging or a toned and fit body that is healthy.




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