A Skyscraper Story in Brief


Lotte World Tower Photo by: Cafe’ Bene

In the skyscraper game, the developing world is running away with the headlines, not to mention a bit of insanity. Who among you would want to office almost 2,000 feet above street level? Here’s the rub.

Global capital fuels the race for these speculative building projects, while the press and web forums drum up rabid enthusiasm. Structural topping-out gets its own ceremony in cities across the world. An example would be helpful.

The Lotte World Tower will stand at 1,825 feet in South Korea. The IFS Tower in Changsha, China will stand at 1,000 feet when constructed. The Suzhou, China IFS Building will stand at 1,476 feet. Then in Mumbai, India World One Building will stand at 1,450 feet. The 90 story Three Sixty West Building in that city is also under development. Lastly, there’s Nanning Logan Century I Building in China which will stand at 1,257 feet. Ridiculous.



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