A Winter Tale to Remain Mobile


Before reading this post, enjoy a cup of coffee to start the day alert and mindful.

No matter where you live in the United States, here are some tips to stay safe while driving your car in snow and getting unstuck:


(Photographer: Jeroen Kransen, Netherlands)

Don’t Leave Your Car: It’s safer inside your car than it is for you to go exploring outside. It’s warmer. Hypothermia quickly sets in. The only exception is if you’re near a gas station or building nearby where you can get warm.

Don’t Fall Asleep: At least, not with the engine running. Too many tragedies abound about this situation.

Turn off that engine: Even if you have a full tank of gas, turn your engine on once every 15-20 minutes — enough to warm you up. Conserve your fuel.

Carbon Monoxide Kills: Jump out and check your tailpipe to make sure there’s no snow clogging it and sending carbon monoxide into the cabin.

Remain Warm: Wrap yourself in whatever you have on hand. Your jacket, a picnic blanket or second coat. What is key is to keep heat from leaving your body.

Use Your Cell Phone: If you have a cell phone, save the battery. You’ll probably need it.

Physical Movement: At least once every hour, move the different parts of your body to keep the blood flowing and keep you warm.

Drink Water: to stay hydrated, but do not eat snow. That will waste body heat!

When Traffic Resumes: Use your low gear when driving on those treacherous roads and drive slow.

Black Ice Caution: This forms on bridges and overpasses.

Right of Way to DOT: Don’t block or pass DOT trucks applying salt on the roads. Also, don’t block intersections.

While all of this sounds like common sense, you’d be surprised how many people find themselves trapped in circumstances they never dreamed of!

coronado10 (Authors Photo)

And since it never hurts to look ahead, remember that staying safe in the winter time allows you to enjoy the upcoming spring and summer season on the beach!



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