A New Album from Bon Jovi!


(All Images: Authors Collection)

Aside from The Rolling Stones, they are one of the few rock bands left who are still able to fill stadiums on tour. They are survivors, and earlier this month, Bon Jovi released their thirteenth album This House Is Not for Sale. It is their first studio album without long-time lead guitarist Richie Sambora, who left the band a year and a half ago. This was a rather sad development, as I consider Sambora one of the finest lead guitarists on the rock scene today. Sambora was replaced by Phil X. Both he and bassist Hugh McDonald have been officially credited as band members. McDonald has been an unofficial member of Bon Jovi since 1994.

I have not yet sampled the complete CD, however, early indications are that the band is – excuse the unintentional pun – returning to their earlier roots as a solid hard rock band. The cover art alludes to this fact with a depiction of a house atop a hill with exaggerated, if not deep roots.



As a collector of their music, I have always been impressed with the CD Lost Highway, which features a duet with singer LeAnn Rimes. That CD was recorded at Blackbird Studios in Nashville and NGR Recording in Hollywood also included an appearance by Big & Rich. To be fair, this was six albums ago. The subsequent MTV Unplugged concert of this CD was well done, and I look forward to this high octane, legendary band that never disappoints.


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