A Short Recycle Blog


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Even if Recycling isn’t your thing, here are a few interesting if not inspiring bits of information on the topic. You may ask wistfully, ‘Why write about this topic?’ My answer is straightforward. On average, each of us in the United States generates about six pounds of waste each day. When you multiply this figure over a period of a year (365 days) the amount becomes fairly disgusting.

Collecting, sorting out, cleaning, treating and converting materials that would otherwise become solid waste into new or restored products makes all the sense in the world. Recycling old newspapers and magazines is easy. Just as easy is keeping separate containers, for kids who enjoy everything from creating new art projects to water balloon fights.

Styrofoam is another matter altogether, because it will not degrade. Scary but true. For this reason, I never use Styrofoam packing. These are but a few spur of the moment ideas to make recycling creative and fun, while keeping your community cleaner and safe!


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