A 72-Hour Script That Became A Legend


(Image: United Artists and Authors Collection)

It took Sylvester Stallone three days to write the script for the film Rocky. Filming wrapped in only 28 days. While studio executives balked, producers Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff believed in Stallone’s vision so much, they mortgaged their houses to borrow funds in order to make the film. Recently, Stallone’s co-star Talia Shire reflected on Rocky’s enduring success 40 years later.

“I cannot tell you how the gods put together that moment in time. Rocky was brilliant on the page. We had a great director, and we were blessed by not having any money, because it gave us permission to be creative. We relied on each other as acting partners, as a true ensemble, very much inspired by Burgess Meredith [who played trainer Mickey Goldmill]. I was a very shy woman, so I understood that girl. And I understood that the greatest thing in the world for myself, and for a woman like that, was to have some man appreciate her. That, boy, that would be everything. Sylvester wrote Adrian to truly be his partner: a woman he looked to for guidance about right and wrong. And people become very beautiful when they’re loved.” — Talia Shire


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