A Word About Iconic Brands and Quality


(Authors Photos)

Last summer, I enjoyed a laugh when a tailor who was taking measurements for a two piece suit responded after a deep sigh that the late 1990’s are over. I had thrown out a few brand name suits that I felt were top-notch Italian cut material, only to be shot down with this humorous reaction. But I will admit that there are brands that are staples for most anyone, particularly in casual clothing or accessories that earn a loyal following for their quality and durability.

When it comes to sunglasses, everyone from Robert Redford to Danica Patrick appears to own a pair of the Aviators — in ether Green or Gray colored glass — take your pick. I have owned the Predator series for 20 years — Polarized — of course.


With jeans, Wrangler has always produced a quality, long-lasting product. But the same can be said for Eddie Bauer.


Incidentally, belts manufactured in America include the Justin brand. They are durable and they last. This is a nice way of putting the term “high maintenance” to rest.

In the 1944, long before “branding” became a millennial buzzword,┬áLucilla de Vescovi Whitman (better known as Countess Mara) received a Neiman-Marcus fashion award back when she produced a limit of 15 ties per design. I couldn’t tell you today if her ties remain in existence, but they were of superior quality.

Lastly, automobiles need a mention here for safety, durability, fit and finish. It has long been stated that the Volkswagen Beetles of the 1960’s and 1970’s were great products not so much because of design. Rather, because of the skilled craftsmen who were on the assembly line. With their distinctive valve pattern that could be identified a mile away, they were durable. Now if all products could strive to become distinguishable, that would be quite an achievement!



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