Grocery Marketing for the Season!

october-treat6(Authors Photos)

Branding has never been as over-used as it is today. It was once merely a part of what every marketing professional did in his or her respective workday. However, if you walked into any Hobby Lobby retail store this past July, you would have noticed Halloween and Christmas items on display quite early. Grocery stores are no exception, especially in the refrigerated aisles, where October and Halloween-themes dominate the store.

In an effort to lighten up the news cycle a bit, I’ve posted some examples of “purchase by suggestion”, otherwise known as “impulse buying” buoyed by clever marketing campaigns for this month and a little beyond.

october-treat4Halloween is Monday, October 31

Nor it is too early to be thinking about ringing in the New Year with the help of some Egg Nog: spelled as either two words or one.


october-treat5This branding cites “traditional” as “Non-Alcoholic”. 

october-treat3Here is a glimpse of a traditional Thanksgiving dessert.

october-treat2And possibly, for a limited time, Peppermint Cream!


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