A Post On Judging A Book By Its Cover


(All Photos by the Author)

There is something so unique and authentic about a hardback book versus a soft cover book that I value. In college, professors would occasionally point out the merits of a soft cover book as being more virtuous “because you can make notes in the margins on the pages”. I failed to understand why this wasn’t said of hardback books. A bound hardback book will last longer in your collection. I have taken to using removable sticky notes where there are certain passages that hold meaning for me. I may even use a yellow highlighter as well. But unlike friends of mine who have been selling or donating their hardback book collections in favor of Kindle Books, I refuse to follow this practice. There is a tactile satisfaction of holding a newspaper or a book in ones hands over scrawling down a lighted iPhone-style device. I just find that to be unnatural.

From my perspective, this matters. Could you imagine an old Encyclopedia Britannica in soft cover? Enough said.




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