A Look at Retro Appliances

Retro Appliances.jpgAuthor’s Collection

Back in the 1970’s, millions of homeowners embraced their avocado green and even aqua blue appliances in the belief that they would never go out of style. In the 1980’s, they may have questioned how they reached this conclusion. By the 1990’s, white appliances were the norm.

Given this reality, it’s surprising that stainless steel has been in vogue as long as it has: 14 years and counting. If history is our guide, it’s only a matter of time before this trend changes as well. Or let’s say we have a scenario on our hands of “make room for retro”. A familiar term for Mid-Century furniture and appliances, the adage “Whats old is new” is re-applied to modern appliances that are far more energy efficient that anyone in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s could have ever imagined.

Fans of stainless maintain that it creates a clean, timeless and future-proof look that appeals to any kitchen design. Admittedly, it’s functional, it lightens up the room and it’s popular. But let’s state the obvious: There’s no color. Remember Black and White Television sets? They looked great and even futuristic. But once “living color” came our way via the NBC Peacock, a new era was under way. By the middle 1960’s everything looked better. By today’s standards, technology has made appliances safer as well as durable.

But tastes change, and the stainless steel trend could come come  to a close. Critics suggest that it scratches easily and appears predicable.  What is emerging today is a spate of kitchen designs that embrace warmer, more inviting spaces, and with a splash of color.

Built-in gas stoves and granite counter tops will always be matched to a Thermador refrigerator or a horizontal LG washer-dryer unit. But there will always be room for fun and colorful combinations of appliances that inspire.






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