A Blue Slipper Church in Taiwan

A Blue Slipper Church
Photo: Pilzland

Not since the renowned architect Phillip Johnson designed The City of Garden Grove, California’s “Crystal Cathedral” (which opened in 1980), has there been another structure as modern in conduct as that of another church in southern Chiayi, Taiwan. That church is fashioned in office as the shape of a ladies high heeled shoe. The tinted blue glass church structure is 55-feet tall at the top of the heel, and 36-feet wide. According to the BBC, it’s taken two months to build at a cost of $686,000.

Taiwan government officials say that the church will be used primarily for weddings and photo shoots, but not regular services, the BBC reports.

Also according to sources at the BBC, the design of the glass slipper was inspired by the story of a local woman whose wedding was canceled after her legs were amputated, and who lived out her days in a church.

The building is quickly becoming a tourist destination.




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