Memories of the VW Van


(All Photos by the Author)















Porsche owning Volkswagen still takes some time for me to get used to. But the fact is that VW brings to mind the Beetle, the VW Bus and little more. So much for yesterday.

Porsche has announced plans to offer an all-electric performance car by the end of the decade, and look. Company CEO Matthias Muller states that the four-door car will be able to go 310 miles on a single charge. Electrifying isn’t it?

Dubbed “Mission E”, the concept car was unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show late last year, and the board of directors of Volkswagen Group, Porsche’s parent company, has approved development of the car for factory production.

The car is part of a bigger push — no pun — by Volkswagen Group into electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. In all, the group has ambitious plans to introduce 20 electric vehicles by 2020, company executives said. Somehow, I can’t get all charged up about this. But I digress.

Porsche has said that the Mission E will be able to go from zero to 60 miles an hour in under 3.5 seconds. That could be a public safety concern. However, it’s worth noting that Tesla’s Model S beat this figure of zero to 60 in under three seconds. The Porsche will also be able to charge in a wireless fashion. You might ask wistfully: How?  By parking over a coil embedded in a garage floor.

What remains to be seen from vendors and clients alike is the price for these cars, along with consumer response.

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