Celebrating Mass with a Hoverboard Priest!

Hoverboard Priest

Author’s Collection

It’s summer. So in the spirit of singing “White Christmas” inside an un-air conditioned attic, I have to share the following anecdote. Over the 2015 Christmas Season, an amusing story emerged after a Roman Catholic priest in the Philippines decided to use a hoverboard during Christmas Eve Midnight Mass. Someone with a “Smartphone” captured an image followed by a few other friends of mine who were present. My hand to God! Soon, a video materialized faster than Milli Vanilli (“Girl You Know It’s True”) of the priest cruising up and the down the aisles. After the video went viral — so did The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Pablo. Seriously. They took to Facebook in a critical post insinuating that the cool Father used the hoverboard in an inappropriate manner.

Next the Diocese suspended the priest from his post, who has since acknowledged the error of his ways and promised never to use the hoverboard again.

For some reason, I find this true story — forgive me, for I have sinned — amusing. Particularly considering congregants who use iPhone and iPads to text (inconspicuously) during services. Lastly, the thought of a robed priest cruising up and down the church aisles using a hoverboard tickles the funny bone. Whether or not we see hoverboards used in churches remains to be seen.



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