A Brief Look at Today’s FIAT


Photo: FIAT

Fiat 500 with chassis number 1,500,000 was completed at its FCA Poland Plant. I the interest of fairness, this author recalls (as I’m certain many of you do as well) the unfortunate reference to FIAT as an acronym for “Fix It Again Tony”. The Pinin Farina designed body’s were conceived of excellence. However, in an real-time experience more reminiscent of my 1980 MGB GT, problems were numerous and sullied many on purchasing the car. Now comes a robust product campaign with celebrities featured in television commercials tooling around town, we assume, handling errands with ease.

Sold in over 100 countries around the world – from Poland to Italy, from Brazil to South Africa, from Japan to USA – the Fiat 500 has reached this historic milestone 8 years and 4 months after its launch.

No longer limited to United States customers for its Spider of the 1970’s, Fiat is today a global car company. Sales outside of Italy constitute 75-percent. The Fiat 500 is an all-Italian invention that has won over 40 world championship prizes including the prestigious “Car of The Year 2008”. In addition, this impressive achievement is joined by the first city car to offer 7 standard airbags, the first to make the latest ESP available on the entire range, and the first FCA car to dèbut with the Twin Air two-cylinder engine family.

In 2015, the car received a refreshed exterior and interior design. Will it be reliable? Time will tell.